Mold Inspection Facts

Mold can be a dangerous thing. Often times there can be many misconceptions about how to get rid of it. Or even what kind of mold it is. Currently there is an estimated to be over 100,000 different types of mold. Of those, at least 1,000 types have been found in The United States.

Adding a mold test to your inspection can help you to feel safe in knowing whether or not you have harmful fungi in your home that your breathing in.

Indoor molds destroy the materials that they feed on. This includes, bathroom walls, carpets, insulation, and ceiling.

Exposure to high concentrations of certain molds creates health problems. When this is the case inside a home, the area must be completely removed. The reason being is because mold is like a cancer, unless it is dealt with and completely removed, it will continue to grow. The only way to have success in dealing with mold is to eradicate it.

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