New Construction Inspection

New Construction

Many times buyers make a new home build purchase because they think that there won’t be any problems that come with a new construction build. Unfortunately, thats just not the case. Although the house will, in most cases, come with a workmanship warranty, that doesn’t mean the builder is going to build the home with zero to little problems. Its always good to keep in mind that the houses the are typically being built in a neighborhood that has a hand full of models are being produced very rapidly. So in many cases even when you have a quality builder, there will be things missed.

Many people ask, “But my home received a final C.O. Permit, shouldn’t the city inspector have seen any defects?” In almost every scenario the inspectors are code compliance people, meaning their main job is to ensure that the items in the home were installed correctly, not that they function properly. Having a certified inspector from 5280 Property Inspections will ensure you with ease of mind when going into your new home purchase.

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